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Posted on Nov 5, 2014 by Dr. Saeid Nourian

Precise calculatorIf you're a scientist or mathematician you often need a calculator that can preform high precision calculations. Even if you're just an occasional user of the default Windows or Mac calculator you may find it frustrating that these calculators cannot display zero or near-zero numbers correctly. Fortunately Smart Math Calculator provides both the precision and ease-of-use that is missing in the default desktop calculators.

Large Precision

Most handheld calculators only support 12 digits precision. With Smart Math Calculator you can have 1000+ digits precision for your mathematical calculations. It's super-fast and incredibly easy to use. It can also perform 100,000+ digits precision calculations and it's fast even at that precision level although for complex formulas it may take few seconds for the computation to finish.

Precision and Decimal Places

You can select both the precision and the number of decimal places that you wish be applied to your calculations. In the "decimal format" panel type the those numbers in as shown below. By default numbers are displayed as plain decimals without scientific notations. If you prefer to see scientific notations you can configure the program to show it always or under certain conditions.

Calculator precision settings

Large Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Numbers

The capabilities of this calculators can be applied to numbers of all bases up to base 36. The computed results will benefit from the same high precision as that of decimal numbers.

Large Factorial Calculator

Among many scenarios that require large numbers with many digits, factorial is an obvious example. The factorial of a small integer like 60 evaluates to a large number with as many as 82 digits. This calculator is capable of computing the factorials of numbers much larger than that. Below is an example of 18,000! computed with 100,000 digits precision.

Large factorial calculator

Download Precise Calculator

You can download the precise calculator and try large number calculations.