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Established in 2000, Runiter Company is dedicated to the development of high-quality yet affordable software products for the general public. Currently, the focus of the company is the development of educational software products that provide visual, tutorial and computational aids for college and university level students. We do not however limit ourselves to educational products and will soon expand to cover other fields of public-interest as well.

Company President
Name: Saeid Nourian
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
       Software Engineering, University of Ottawa
       Computer Science, Masters, University of Ottawa
       Computer Science, Ph.D., University of Ottawa
Saeid Nourian

Dr. Saeid Nourian is the founder of Runiter Company. He is a distinguished scientist in the fields of computer graphics and software design. His passion for software technology started at age of 15 when he authored an  artificial chess program followed by Algebra & Geometry plotting software in DOS.  This was the start of a long line of award winning educational software products. His most popular works are Smart Math Calculator and Graphing Calculator 3D with over a million downloads worldwide. He is the winner of CITO's Research Excellence Award and OCRI's Entrpreneur of the Year award.



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