Graphing Calculator 3D

Plot math equations and scatter points with this powerful software.
High quality graphs are plotted fast and in real-time.
Can be installed in any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Plot Equations

Plot any implicit or explicit equation in 2D or 3D. Supported coordinate types are: Cartesian, Polar, Cylindrical and Spherical. Parametric equations can be plotted as well as inequalities.

Plot CSV Data

Import csv data and plot them as scatter cloud points in 3D or convert them into a surface mesh. The rendering is done in real-time allowing for incredibly fast and responsive view.

Easy to Use

The beautiful user-interface is carefully designed to allow for maximum efficiency with no learning curve. There is no need for scripting; simply type down an equation and see the result instantly.

The graphing capabilities of Graphing Calculator 3D includes:

  • Plot 2D & 3D functions
  • Implicit equations
  • Parametric equations
  • Inequalities
  • 3D scatter points
  • Generate table of values
  • Cartesian coordinates
  • Polar coordinates
  • Cylindrical coordinates
  • Spherical coordinates
  • Import csv & excel coordinates
  • Import live coordinates
  • Variable sliders
  • Fast rotation & graph animations
  • High precision computations
  • 3D shading & transparency effects
  • Save as high-resolution images
  • Define recursive functions
  • Export as .obj models
  • Up to 500 digits Numerical Precision
  • Import up to 10 million scatter point coordinates from csv files
  • Take 8000x8000 screenshots

The color and appearance of all generated graphs can be customized in practically all possible ways.

This software has over 600 reviews on Microsoft app store with average rating of 4.5 stars. Here are some of the user reviews posted there:

A  Andrew

Powerful and eminently useful


Far more powerful and useful than other graphing applications, but without the complexity or tedium of a full-on math suite. And it can plot a series of points you generate elsewhere. Super useful!

R  Rafael

Way better than most online 3d grapher


Very smooth and useful for multivariable calculus courses. I've been using many other online graphing website for multivariable functions but none of them are as useful as this. Good job for this app, I didn't even expect that I will find something like this in the Microsoft store. The closest app like this is Wolfram alpha, but that is not as good when it comes to drawing multivariable functions

G  Rance

Provides the best 3D Scatter Chart


I can say based on my humble experience, and review of the many other free software products that have 3D Scatter Chart capability. Some being known for their complex and sophisticated algorithms, e.g., Plotly, Gnuplot, Matplotlib, R, Octave, and Scilab. Graphing Calculator 3D is by far the best one, easiest to use, and provides the best 3D Scatter Chart/Plots, bar none.

J  jason

Attention All Mathletes and Science nuts. Its awesome


I love all the features, i.e. navigation of objects with mouse, all the categories, constants, and equations. I don't like the build up, then ask for a credit card number. Who does though? Other than me being a tight wod, it's the coolest app for topographical objects. Keep up the good work.

K  kay

Quality graphic design calculator


The quality is overwhelming, and it really gives me the precise design i needed

B  Brendan

Extremely helpful for calculus


Going through my calc 2 class, I struggled to find a good 3D graphing software online that would actually display all the different types of equations I wanted to graph since some of them would either refuse or error out in some way. This program worked extremely well at displaying those graphs and allowing me to do other things like plot specific points on the graphs and changing the colors of the graphs. I especially like the gradient colors on the graphs since it makes it easier to tell where things are in the 3D space, also it looks cooler.

J  Mark

This is a nerds math instructional friend


This app is a great educational tool, I'm pleasantly surprised, I've been able to graph a toroid with very little difficulty right off the bat. It is like any new toy, one must only experiment and spend a little time playing and familiarizing, but It helps if one already has some level of math understanding. I envision being able to possibly do a Quantum mechanics Bloch Sphere demo of the Qubits basic functionality even if linear algebra and matrices are probably not in this applications future. The challenge will help augment my understanding and skills working with imaginary numbers. I love the variety of functions on the calculators keyboard and the Library will make a good quick reference as I add notes to it.

This software can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux computers. Download the free version to start plotting graphs now.