About Company & Founder

About Company

Established in 2000, Runiter Company is dedicated to the development of high-quality yet affordable software products for the public. Currently, the focus of the company is the development of educational software products that provide visual, tutorial and computational aids for college and university level students. We do not however limit ourselves to educational products and will soon expand to cover other fields of public-interest as well.


Runiter company was established in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and remained there from 2000 to 2009. In 2010, the company relocated to its current location at Boston, MA, USA.

Story of Smart Math Calculator

The idea of Smart Math Calculator came to Dr. Saeid Nourian in 2008 after he completed its sister project, Graphing Calculator 3D. It became evident that some users enjoyed the powerful and user-friendly features of GC3 for basic calculations but did not need its graphing capabilities. That's when it was decided to spin off a simplified version of GC3 to form a new scientific calculator app.

The result is a one of the most popular calculators in windows and mac appstores today.

Dr. Saeid Nourian

Dr. Nourian has a PhD degree in Computer Science specialized in Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics. He is the sole author of most of the software products produced in Runiter Company.